HOW TO USE Electric Kettle Safety

WARNING: Do not heat an empty Kettle! The concealed heating element in the bottom of the Kettle is protected by an automatic safety device. If your kettle is accidentally plugged in without being filled or is allowed to boil dry, it will automatically  repeat a cycle of turning off, cooling down, and coming back on unless unplugged. If this happens, unplug the Kettle, fill with cold water, and wait a few minutes before replacing it on the Base and plugging in.

1. Before first use, rinse the interior of the Kettle. Fill the Kettle at a faucet.

You do not have to fill it all the way to the top if you just want to boil a small amount of water. However, the minimum amount you must fill it to prevent the safety thermostat from cutting it off is 2 cups. Do not fill beyond the MAX FILL line inside the spout (see “Tea Kettle Parts” illustration).  Put the kettle on a level surface to check that you you haven’t filled beyond this line. Do not overfill.

2. Always use the Base and Kettle on a flat, level surface. Place the Kettle onto the swivel Base and plug in the Base. For FIRST USE, discard initially boiled water and then repeat the process for usable boiled water.

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